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Rückenschmerzen sind assoziiert mit einem gestörtem Verhältnis von der Kraft von Flesion und Extension

McGill S, Grenier S, Bluhm M, Preuss R, Brown S, Russell C: Previous history of LBP with work loss is related to lingering deficits in biomechanical, physiological, personal, psychosocial and motor control characteristics. Ergonomics, Volume 46, Number 7, 10 June 2003 , pp. 731-746(16)



A cross-sectional retrospective study was made of currently asymptomatic workers who perform physically demanding jobs. To further quantify the association between various biomechanical, physiological, personal psychosocial and motor control parameters that linger due to a history of low back disorders. Seventy-two workers were recruited from heavy industry, 26 of whom had a history of disabling low back disorders (LBDs) sufficient to miss work while the others did not. The strength of the study lies in the many detailed variables measured. Having a history of low back disorders was found to be associated with a larger waist girth, a greater potential for low back pain chronicity as predicted from psychosocial questionnaires, perturbed flexion to extension strength and endurance ratios, and widespread motor control deficits across a variety of tasks, some of which resulted in high back loads. In those workers who had missed work due to back disorders, the length of time since their last disabling episode was 261 weeks on average, suggesting that multiple deficits may remain for a period of time. Having a history of LBD is associated with changes in attitudes, in body composition, and in the way people move, load their backs and respond to a variety of motor and stability.


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